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12 Ways of Baby Powder Usage you didn’t Know Before

Baby powder is a soft product and this is why its texture is adored by a lot of people. However, many of us wish he/she could use baby powder for various purposes. Good news for these people is the fact that baby powder can be practically used in everyday life. Let`s become familiar with the best 12 ways you didn`t …

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Beauty Uses for Household Items

Baby powder Sure, we’ve all heard that baby powder has the same effect as dry shampoo, but did you know that makeup artists use it to make eyelashes look long and full? Simply curl your lashes, apply one coat of mascara, dust a little baby powder along your top and bottom lashes with a Q-tip or makeup applicator, then add …

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What your nose shape say about your personality

There are four broad categories, you can divide nose shapes into four main categories first. – Big Nose: A big nose usually has a long bridge and wider tips with larger nostrils. How big it is will determine how passionate, egoistic, and confident you are in your life. It basically represents people who like to give orders and want to …

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