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How to properly apply false eyelashes

Do you feel intimidated by false eyelashes? Whether you are experienced in the mysteries of makeup or just started to discover, applying false eyelashes may seem a difficult and painstaking process. It is not so, and a pair of false eyelashes from natural hair will transform the look and will even correct any asymmetry of the eye. Save

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Every Woman must know these 10 Lipstick Rules!

Every lady is dreaming of full and sensual lips that have the right color and that are able to express their sex-appeal and femininity. Getting the right pout and color for your lips is not an easy task, if you don`t know how to correctly enhance the beauty of your lips. However, if you respect the following 10 lipstick rules …

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Makeup Brush Types and Uses

FOUNDATION BRUSH This brush is typically used to apply any foundation all over the face. The flat bristles provide effortless application and create a smooth and flawless canvas, while the ends of the brush allow you to apply the product to those hard to reach areas like around the corners of the nose, and around the eyes and hairline. There …

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