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7 foods with anti-inflammatory properties

Increasingly evidence shows that chronic inflammation is the cause of many modern diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease or cancer. Also, whatever the cause of inflammation, the diet plays an essential role in increasing or reducing it. What I mean is that there are many foods with strong role in controlling inflammation. Save

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Body Signs that you should never ignore

A persistent cough, a sore that does not heal, sudden weight loss or changes in urine are just some of the signs that you may have a serious health problem. Although many choose to ignore these signals, these can announce a disease so serious; experts recommend you go urgently to the doctor when you notice them. Often, timely detected can …

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Amazing vitamin that can stop cancer cell growth

Scientists say that although sun exposure is known to be a cause of skin cancer, it can help people fight cancer. Two studies found that vitamin D would help improve chances of survival for patients who have skin or colon cancer. Patients suffering from melanoma could take vitamin D from oily fish or supplements, but there is evidence from other …

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6 hidden symptoms of cervical cancer that should not be ignored

Cervical cancer is the second cause of death among women after breast cancer. Cervical cancer has few symptoms that many women ignore. Pain or swelling of the legs In the early stages of the disease, many women complain of pain or swelling of legs. Cervical cancer can inhibit normal blood circulation, which can cause these symptoms.

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