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How to use onion for fast hair growth

Onion is a vegetable whose benefits are numerous in health and beauty but also to maintain a gorgeous hair. Onions contain a substance called sulfur, responsible for the strong smell that makes us tears, but that can act beneficial to the hair root, strengthening it and stimulating its growth. Save

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How to treat greasy hair naturally

I tried every product on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive, but after I spent a lot of money, I solved the problem with the help of herbal recipes. Greasy hair is not considered a disease, contrary oils protect the hair and gives it health.

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Natural way to remove facial hair

Because of the today’s society, women are feeling forced to try all kind of things in order to look as great as possible, which is why they often get intro big and serious health problems. Also, adolescent girls, or even little girls are feeling like they should get rid of the hair on their legs, arms and face from the …

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How to Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

The starting point when choosing a new hairstyle is your face shape. Then comes the hair type which can be straight, wavy, curly,the texture, soft, medium or thick and hard to trim, and eventually, you’ll take in consideration the volume.” It’s hard to be objective when you analyze your face shape and what kind of hairstyle would suit you. The …

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Hair-Washing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

You probably think that you shower your hair and it is working well for the hair health and you do not need to pay attention to nothing. Since i noticed that my hair is little damage i decide to search around to see where i’m making mistake. Did you knew that little tweaks in your shower routine could make your …

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