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How to properly apply false eyelashes

Do you feel intimidated by false eyelashes? Whether you are experienced in the mysteries of makeup or just started to discover, applying false eyelashes may seem a difficult and painstaking process. It is not so, and a pair of false eyelashes from natural hair will transform the look and will even correct any asymmetry of the eye. Save

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7 Bold reasons to stop wearing make-up

We are told every day what makeup to wear, how to wear them and what we get if we resort to them. We cross the street and see women wearing make-up, some more some less, we see daily advertisements or billboards with women arranged from head to toe and we cram that makeup is a kind of duty of every …

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Lipstick tricks you don’t know

Whether you’re a fan of lip-gloss or nourishing lip balm I’m sure that at least once in life you used lipstick. And because it implies something more than a gloss effort in implementing common and hiding more secrets than a natural balm, I thought to tell you certain things about lipsticks, which are not well known. Here they are: Save

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