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Habits to add in your beauty routine

I’m tired of this nonsense that beauty comes from within. What do you want? An adorable pancreas? “- Jean Kerr, American author. We can say that beauty comes from within, but if you have the most beautiful soul in the world is a shame to keep it hidden under an unkempt skin. As you age you will notice that your …

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6 golden rules when applying a facial mask

Face masks are so varied! Different colors and different consistent scents. No matter how many ways, there are facial masks for all skin types, and are some basic things that are the same regardless of which product you choose. It’s about applying the principles that must be followed for your skin to have some maximum benefits from cosmetics. Save Save

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How to close pores naturally and correctly

The opened pores are the main cause of all the health and good looking appearance regarding to the complex. When the pores are opened, bacteria and the excess of sebum are remaining blocked in the pores, which leads to acne, whiteheads, blackheads, clogged pores and many others. Here is a routine of beauty for enlarged pores:

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