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How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball

Muscle pain has no chance against a good game …of tennis. Or, more precisely, a massage with a tennis ball. Using these exercises for myofascial release (according romedic.ro, myofascial pain syndrome, also known as chronic myofascial pain is a condition characterized by chronic pain caused by multiple painful trigger points and fascial constrictions), you’ll stimulate blood circulation and improve pain …

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Homemade seeds recipe to reduce cholesterol and lose weight

Bad high cholesterol (LDL) is a serious problem of modern man. Caused by stress, poor nutrition especially, LDL cholesterol present in too large quantities in the body increases the risk of heart attack. Fortunately, there are simple and delicious ways that you can lower bad cholesterol – these 5 types of seeds will help you have a strong and healthy …

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Best breakfast that removes toxins and help you lose belly fat

No matter the rush, don’t skip breakfast. It gives you energy all day and keeps you away from unhealthy cravings. We’ll give you a recipe that will help you get rid of toxins and lose weight. One of the most healthy breakfast ideas in the world contains vitamins and minerals good for your skin, hair and immune system.

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Body Signs that you should never ignore

A persistent cough, a sore that does not heal, sudden weight loss or changes in urine are just some of the signs that you may have a serious health problem. Although many choose to ignore these signals, these can announce a disease so serious; experts recommend you go urgently to the doctor when you notice them. Often, timely detected can …

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